Cast Replacement Wheels

Top row: 7001, 7005, and 7013 Series ductile alloy wheels; Bottom row: TS-12 and TS-12A aluminum wheels

The Nolan Company recommends the use of its special ductile alloy cast wheels instead of pressed steel wheels. Nolan’s cast wheels are tougher, have a larger load capacity and last many times longer. Nolan’s wheels are available for replacement or OEM use.

Testing by an independent laboratory proved Nolan’s 7000 Series ductile alloy wheels superior to 5/16″ pressed steel wheels in straight running time, curve stresses and even drop tests. Tread and flange on all wheels conform to AREMA Standards.

In its TS Series, Nolan also offers a heat-treated aluminum wheel in 5″ and 8″ diameters. These wheels are used on lighter maintenance-of-way equipment when weight and ease of handling are considerations. For very corrosive working conditions, 5″ wheels are available in Nolan’s special ductile alloy.

  • TS-12 Aluminum Wheel, 5″ Dia. x 1″ ID, w/Bearings
  • TS-12A Aluminum Wheel, 8″ Dia x 1″ ID, w/Bearings
  • TS-13 Ductile Alloy Wheel, 8″ Dia x 1″ ID, w/Bearings

Wheel Insulation Kits are available for 1-15/16″ and 2-15/16″ size axles. The kits consist of an insulation sleeve that fits the taper of the axle, a filler washer and a steel washer—all held in place by the axle taper and a castle nut. Insulation kits for 5″ and 8″ wheels consist of a nylon sleeve that insulates the axle. (“TI” model wheels are insulated, “TN” model wheels are non-insulated.)

  • 7101-30 Insulation Kit – 1-15/16″ axle (one wheel)
  • 7101-50 Insulation Kit – 2-15/16″ axle (one wheel)

Ductile Alloy


Insulation Kits