Low-Profile Portable Derails

PD-4 Low-profile Portable Derail
The photo shows an PD-4 portable derail with a PDF-LP staff assembly and a BF-2D derail flag. Staff assemblies and signal flags are sold separately.

Nolan’s low-profile, single-end portable derails (PD-4 and PD-5) —

  • Are fabricated from high-strength steel.
  • Are available in LEFT-throw or RIGHT-throw models.
  • Incorporate a low-profile derail design that lowers their height above the rail head to 2-3/4 inches.
  • Can both be used with Model PDF-LP Staff Assembly (sold separately).
  • Can both be used with two styles of DERAIL flags (sold separately). Both flags are double-sided and available in blue (BF-2D) or red (BF-9D). See below for these and other signal flag options.

Nolan’s low-profile portable derails will derail all rolling stock including mainline locomotives when installed and used properly (maximum speed is 10 mph).

Low-Profile, Single End Derails

Staff Assembly

Derail (and Other) Flags