CS-60R Car Stop

CS-60 Car Stops
CS-60 car stops

Nolan’s model CS-60 is a single-end, hinged-type car stop designed for permanent installation on exposed rails.*

  • In the raised position, the CS-60 protects workers, warehouse doors, crossover walks, etc.,
  • Swings down out of the way without removing it from the track
  • Can be padlocked in either the up or down position. (Padlock not included.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: CS-60 Car Stops are sold per unit, but must be used in pairs. A pair consists of one left-hand stop (CS-60L) and one right-hand stop (CS-60R).


*CS-60 Car Stops are designed for EXPOSED RAIL TRACK. When the CS-60 car stops are used with flush rail or crane rail, the track area will require some modification for their proper installation. If you have flush rail (rails encased in pavement), contact Nolan at 1-800-297-1383 or 330-453-7922 before ordering.