RA-1442-8 Coaster Braking System

NEW!For TS-6 Steel Carts
IMPROVES SAFETY on FLAT TRACK and TRACK GRADES — Cart rolls gently to a stop upon handle release





  • EASY TO USE — When cart is set on track, pushing handle forward releases urethane brakes off of the wheels allowing cart to move forward.
  • When forward pressure is removed from the handle, or the handle is otherwise released, the cart rolls gently to a stop.
  • The coaster brake includes its own handle and comes complete with brake mechanism and all parts.
  • EASY TO INSTALL — The coaster brake system is integrated into its own push handle, which is attached to the cart while setting the brake mechanism
    against the wheels. Nolan recommends setting the parking brake during installation.

The coaster brake system is available on all Nolan’s TS carts and ATS carts.