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Nolan’s Latest Portable Derail — Covers 80-141 lb. Rail!


The PD-6 Offers Better Convenience —

  • Covers broader range of rail sizes — 80-141 lbs.
  • Available in left- and right-hand throw (PD-6L and PD-6R).

The Low-Profile Portable Derails —

  • Will derail all rolling stock, including mainline, six-axle locomotives.
  • Are made from high-strength steel.
  • Incorporate a decreased deflection angle and a new “low-profile” design.
  • Are available in SINGLE-END (PD-4/PD-6 — left or right throws).

New derail model PD-6L/PD-6R replaces model PD-5L/PD-5R, which are discontinued.

Nolan’s New Signal Flag

Nolan BF-12D Signal FlagNolan has added a new item to to its series of flags —


  • Double-sided
  • Reflective lettering
  • Made in USA

Nolan Tool and Supply Carts Have Taller Handles

Nolan Tool and Supply Carts
Increased handle height on Nolan’s TS and ATS Tool and Supply Carts

Nolan has increased the height of its handles on TS and ATS Series carts

  • Increasing the height of the handle by eight inches allows better posture and reduced stress when moving the cart, especially when transporting heavier loads.
  • Re-sized handle is still usable at either end of the cart, allowing users to change the cart’s direction without removing it from the track by removing handle from one end and inserting it into the other end of the cart.

NEW! Optional Braking Systems for Nolan Carts

Optional Nolan Cart Brake Systems

Contact Nolan Sales at 1-800-297-1383 or 330-453-7922 for more information.

Nolan’s Latest Switch Point Protector — Model SPP-15

Nolan Switch Point Protector
Nolan’s Switch Point Protector

Nolan’s Latest Switch Point Protector — Model SPP-15

Nolan’s new SPP-15 includes the switch point protector, plus the SPP kit, which contains a manganese steel face plate and steel shim, steel back-up plate, two track bolts, two nuts and two spring washers.

Model SPP-15 fits 130 lb AREMA rail and weighs 15 lbs (6.80 kg).