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NEW! Optional Braking Systems for Nolan Carts

Optional Nolan Cart Brake Systems

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Nolan’s Latest Switch Point Protector — Model SPP-15

Nolan Switch Point Protector
Nolan’s Switch Point Protector

Nolan’s Latest Switch Point Protector — Model SPP-15

Nolan’s new SPP-15 includes the switch point protector, plus the SPP kit, which contains a manganese steel face plate and steel shim, steel back-up plate, two track bolts, two nuts and two spring washers.

Model SPP-15 fits 130 lb AREMA rail and weighs 15 lbs (6.80 kg).

Nolan’s TD Series Track Dollies

TD-4 Track Dolly
TD-4 track dolly

Nolan’s TD Series track dollies have new and improved construction, including welded, square-tube steel frame and perforated steel decks. All track dollies support a 1,500 pound load!

Featured in Nolan’s Tool and Supply Carts and Dollies brochure — click the link below!


Nolan’s Switch Point Protector Series

SPP-flyerNolan’s switch-point protectors increase the service life of switch points by absorbing the impact of passing rail car wheels. Designed to bolt securely to the inside straight main rail that leads to the switch, the protector momentarily deflects the wheel flange so it misses the tip of the switch point.


  • Reversible — when worn down on one side, it can be flipped around and remounted, doubling its service life.
  • Made from manganese steel, the switch-point protector actually gets stronger with each deflection.

Check out Nolan’s models — click the title above to go to our web page or click the flyer to see more details.

Nolan’s Automated Derail Operators

AOD/EOD FlyerThe Nolan Company has developed air-powered and electric-powered derail operators for our new line of SD Series Sliding Derails. Operated by remote control, Model AOD-1 (air-powered) and Model EOD-1 (electric-powered) derail operators can position a derail ON or OFF the rail with just the turn of a key switch.


  • Simple design
  • All-welded steel, weather-resistant construction
  • Usable with any Sliding Derail on the market
  • Reduces costs tied to OSHA compliance
  • Power-off locking feature